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Bausano Extrusion Expertise

Bausano Extrusion Expertise

For over 70 years Bausano has been synonymous with excellence in the field of plastic extruders. Bausano as an Extruder manufacturer has obtained a result  thanks to the commitment, the seriousness and with a passion that has been handed down for three generations. Bausano extrusion lines stand out not only for their quality, great solidity and extreme reliability, but also for the ability to customize every part and every single detail, including aesthetics. Fully customizable extrusion lines, whose winning feature is their ability to adapt perfectly to any technical requirement.

The technology of the extrusion lines allows us to offer effective solutions and all the tools necessary to grow in a conscious and responsible way. Longer life, exceptional performance and great energy savings thanks to the revolutionary transmission system with two meshing and counter-rotating screws that have redefined the production quality system. We are innovators allowing the company to design increasingly efficient extrusion lines in terms of productivity and energy consumption, for a more sustainable production.

Extrusion Process

Bausano Extrusion Lines have a wide range of different sector applications. From Plastic to food extrusion to plastic post-industrial and post consumer recycling.

plastic extrusion

Plastic Extrusion

Plastic Extrusion is the process of forcing out of a die a formed continuos profile for the production of pipes, profiles and medical products.



Co-Extrusion is a method of extruding two or more materials thought the same mold to produce a single piece with enhanced characteristics.

plastic compounding

Plastic Compounding

Plastic Compounding is the process of melt blending plastics with other additives or for the recycling process.



Recycling plastic polymers is a way to become more sustainable, but more important save money re-utilizing materials.

food extrusion

Food Extrusion

Extrusion of food products with high starch content, like cereals and snacks, pet food and others.

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Multidrive System

The Bausano Multidrive transmission system has been a benchmark technology in the world of extruders for thirty years, reducing the stress on the drive shaft, gears and screws by distributing the torque by one or two pairs of counter-rotating motors. A revolutionary solution, patented by Bausano, which offers better performance, reduces the risk of failure due to excessive stress on the mechanical parts and guarantees greater durability than traditional single-motor systems.

Every effort must be focused on reducing our impact on the environment, starting with limiting waste and energy consumption and continuing through the promotion of research and the use of sustainable materials. The innovative Bausano technology makes it possible to create versatile lines for the processing of plastic and new thermoplastic materials.

Intelligent Automation 4.0

Bausano is above all synonymous with innovation. Extrusion Lines based on integration, are designed and built using mechanical and ICT technologies: smart intuitive remote control and man-machine interface.

The intelligent control of the machine was developed using the latest generation CNC and / or PLC. Interconnection to factory information systems with remote instruction loading is essential to improve industry performance. In addition, automated integration with the factory logistics system or supply chain and other machinery in the production cycle helps to control the efficiency of the process.


The quality of a profile, pipe, pellet or any thermoplastic product is given by the quality of the extrusion line that generated it. This is the reason that pushes the company, Bausano, to continuously improve and innovate.
Bausano’s technological innovations are many:

  • Multidrive system

  • Smart energy system

  • Industry 4.0 Orquestra software and IoT data manager

  • Polywood Technology

A screw geometry designed to reduce friction and improve efficiency; a transmission system that can reduce torque effort by a quarter, improve performance and extend the life of the system; latest generation engines and a precious, simple and intuitive tool for consumption analysis. Elements that translate into greater production and energy efficiency. A double advantage that makes our extrusion lines the safest and most unique solution in the field of plastic extrusion. Innovation has always been an essential strategic asset of our machines, to provide our customers with the most competitive and cutting-edge technological solutions. The new Bausano Smart Energy system aims at responding to a very important issue for our customers: energy consumption. For us, promoting energy saving means encouraging sustainable production, improving performance and, at the same time, respecting environment and people.

Smart Energy System

The Smart Energy system is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction applied to the cylinder heating. By exploiting the heating effect of a metal when subjected to a variable magnetic field, this system is able to reduce energy consumption up to 30-35% if compared to the consumption with the traditional heating. The inductive barrel heating Smart Energy system has been designed together with a special fan that allows cooling the hot parts of the machine in the most effective possible way. This new project, integrated by the openable reel system, also allows the customer to add a retrofit application on already existing Bausano extruders.

Extrusion Methods

The plastic manufacturing sector is various, but two are the main methods for plastic processing. In the first, plastic injection molding, manufacturers “inject” molten plastic resin into a mold and let it settle and cool into a specific shape. In the second, plastic extrusion, manufacturers push melted plastic through a die to create the desired shape. Each method has unique advantages and applications for different plastic products.

Both extruder and injection molding machine plastify plastics and process them into certain shapes. The extruder is required to create continuous linear, two-dimensional shapes. For example, pipes can be extruded through the new generation of Bausano pipe die head. Bausano has, indeed, specialized in the extrusion of plastic materials since 1946. Its long experience allows the company to be one of the largest producers of extrusion lines, thanks to the excellence of Bausano single-screw and twin-screw extruders.

In particular, the word “extrude” means “to force out,” and that is precisely what happens during plastic extrusion. As with plastic injection, this type of manufacturing begins with a resin-filled hopper and a supply of melted plastic. Instead of injecting it into a mold, they force the plastic through a two-dimensional die opening. Once it cools, the plastic takes the form of a lengthy linear tube or piece which manufacturers can cut into different lengths or cross-sections.

Examples of products that rely on this technique are:

  • Pipes

  • Window profile frames

  • Fence sections

  • Straws


Manufacturers can also punch, notch, or shape extruded products after the dying process completes. Extrusion will typically result in 2D shapes rather than 3D. While molded products typically come out fully formed, extrusion allows for additional fabrication and alterations to the product, from cutting cross sections to shaping the pieces into specific product shapes (such as toothpaste tubes). One benefit of the extrusion process is that the dies create very smooth finishes that are ideal for pipes, straws, and other commonly extruded products.