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Extrusion materials

The extrusion process and the product are not the only important factors in the plastic industry. Materials and Fillers and their respective mixing are important as well. Choosing the right composition and knowing the materials advantages and disadvantages can be a crucial success factor during the extrusion process.

Bausano has done extensive R&D research for all types of materials and fillers during the years with its Laboratory extruder, as well with E-GO Single screw extruders or MD Twin Screw Extruders.

Extrusion Material categories

Extrusion materials can be divided in two big groups, plastic polymers and fillers. The plastic polymers are the principal components of plastic extrusion. The fillers are utilized to change the properties of the plastic polymers for extrusion.

plastic polymer

Plastic Polymers

All most important plastic polymer, from PVC to HDPE, that can be used in the extrusion process with its advantages and disadvantages studied by Bausano with its Extrusion Lines.

plastic filler

Additives and Fillers

The most used fillers in the extrusion process to enhance and modify properties of the plastic polymers.