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laboratory extruder MD 30 series

Laboratory Extruder MD 30
Twin-screw Extruder

Bausano MD 30:
Laboratory Twin Screw Extruder

Thanks to its reduced size, Bausano Laboratory Twin screw​ Extruder MD 30 is the perfect instrument for companies that need to analyse products and carry out laboratory pilot tests on small quantities of material, obtaining reliable results to be subsequently used on an industrial scale. The special MD 30 Laboratory Twin Screw extruder is perfectly suitable for testing and sampling operations (for customers).

It can be used used for product and recipe development, feasibility studies in the context of process developments, material development, raw material control, analysis of the process-dependent material behavior or developments in recycling.

laboratory extruder MD 30

Laboratory twin screw extruder advantages

In general, the application of a laboratory extruder enables the development of new products, recipes, and processes without stopping the actual production.  Testing on our lab scale extruder is particularly advantageous when expensive or poorly available material has to be tested, so it is possible to use small amounts of material.

Digital extruder control 4.0

Our Twin Screw Laboratory Extruder can be equipped with our Digital Extruder Control 4.0 for efficient control of all operations of your testing activities.

This helps monitoring all of the parameters of the extruder for additional data analysis of the polymer extruder.

The Digital Extruder Control 4.0 can:
  • save the configuration to the memory module;
  • save the selected parameters, upon request or at preset intervals;
  • monitor all extrusion parameters in real time;
  • program the automatic synchronism for production, maintenance and diagnostics.

Laboratory and Test Room

We offer our customers the possibility of taking advantage of our laboratory for any type of machining test. Our test room is provided with a MD 30 and MD 75 Twin Screw extruder, always available to test materials and check the development of plasticization and extrusion process.


Frequently asked questions about laboratory extruder

What is a twin screw extruder used for?

Twin Screw extruders are used to process plastic raw materials. Pipes, profiles and pellets can be produced with a Twin-Screw Extruder.

What is lab extruder?

Laboratory extruders are used for testing new materials or new formulation. With a Laboratory extruder you can produce low volumes or do pilot tests.

What is the extruder used for?

Extruders are used to work plastic polymers. The plastics are processed, melted and formed in new  products starting from powder or pellets.

What is an extruder and how does it work?

An extruder is a machine to process plastic and food materials. The materials undergoes melting, processing and re-melting. The heated and processed material is pushed through a die that gives the material the desired form.

What are the types of extruder?

Extruders are categorized in Single Screw, Twin Screw Extruder, Co-Extruders and Lab extruders.

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