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twin screw extruders

Twin Screw Extruders

Bausano twin screw extruders: better quality, higher efficiency

Bausano twin screw extruders and compounding machines are one of the most reliable and highly efficient solutions in the plastic processing market.

The quality of a profile, tube or any thermoplastic product is given by the quality of the extrusion line that generated it. That's why for our Twin Screw Extruders and Compounding Machines there are no secondary details and every aspect, from mechanics to electronics, must be designed and manufactured with the custom care.

Screw geometry designed to improve efficiency; transmission system capable of reducing torque effort to a quarter improving performance and extending the life of the system latest generation motors and a valuable, intuitive tools for analyzing consumption. Elements that translate into more production and energy efficiency. Advantages that make our lines the safest and most innovative solutions in the field of extrusion.
Born from Bausano experience and the ongoing research of increasingly performing technologies and solutions, the new MD Nextmover extruders for plastic materials improve line productivity and reduce costs and energy consumption.

Integrated control for industry 4.0

Our extrusion lines stand out not only for their quality, great solidity and extreme reliability, but also for the possibility to customise every part and every single detail.

twin screw extruders MD nextmover

MD Nextmover Twin Screw Extruders

Up to 35% less power consumption thanks to the innovative I.E.4 motors, Smart Energy System and real-time energy analysis of the entire system with the Digital Extruder Control 4.0 system.

Extruder screw design

Bausano Twin screw extrusion is used extensively for mixing, compounding, or reacting polymeric materials. In addition, the configurations of the screws themselves may be changed by Bausano’s design department achieving particular mixing characteristics for customized projects. The personalization of the screw is one of Bausano’s point of strengths, because every project needs special attention. Almost always, twin screw extruders also include the provision for degassing ports. Twin screw extruders are used for bulk polymerisation, processing (pipes, sheet…) or compounding. Twin screw extruder have better mixing capability and so more material is saved because twins generally mix with less energy input.

Direction of the screw

Twin screw extruders can be co-rotating or counter-rotating. Into the co -rotating, one screw wipes the other without creating high shear against the walls of the barrel. They are designed as mass-transfer devices, with the main applications being mixing, devolatilization and reactive extrusion. Both types of twin-screw extruders have distinct advantages that lead to their use in specific applications.

The Bausano counter-rotating machine has very good material feed and conveying characteristics. The residence time and material temperature control in the machine are also uniform. Fully intermeshing, counter rotating twin screw extruders are essentially positive displacement pumps independent of frictional criterion and are designed for thermally sensitive polymers such as PVC or C-PVC. During twin screw extrusion raw material is conveyed, compressed, degassed, plasticated, sheared, kneaded, fused at optimum level and homogenized before it enters the die.

Parallel Counter-rotating Twin Screw Extruder, like the one manufactured in Bausano, are the better solution for working for example PVC+100 p.h.r CaCO3. Parallel Screw are longer than the conical one, in fact with a L/D ratio of 1/30 the former is well suggested to guarantee a good jellification of the material. The shape of parallel screw gives more time to the plasticization process, to better coat and amalgamate the high quantity of carbonate. The carbonate is a high corrosion material, and this is a key point in terms of screw and barrel lifetime. With this type of application parallel screw has a higher resistance capacity against the corrosion action of carbonate filler due to the bigger and more resistant heart. This also guarantees a longer life of the barrel.

F.A.Q. about twin screw extruders

What are twin screw extruders?

Twin screw extruder are machine that transform plastic polymers into the desired shape. Twin-screw extruders are broadly classified based on the direction of rotation of the screws, either corotating (both screws rotating in the same direction) or the counter-rotating (screws rotating in the opposite direction). Further, they can be categorized as intermeshing and non-intermeshing screws.

What are twin screw extruders used for?

Twin screw extruders are used to transform plastic polymers and food components into a desired form, shape, and product. The possible products to be manufactured can be pipes, technical profiles, pellets, medical devices and pet food.

What is conical twin screw extruder?

A conical Twin screw extruder is a type of form of barrel and screw of the extruder. In conical extruders, the extruder is designated by the screw diameter at the end of the metering section. While, in parallel extruder size is the diameter of the flight. Conical twin screw extruders are shorter and have a higher replacement cost of the barrel respect to parallel ones.

What is co-rotating twin screw extruder?

Twin-screw extruders are broadly classified based on the direction of rotation of the screws, either corotating (both screws rotating in the same direction) or the counter-rotating (screws rotating in the opposite direction). Depending on the application one or another type is used.

What are the advantages of twin screw extruder?

Twin Screw Extrusion lines can process a much wider range of materials and have different applications. The advantages of Twin Screw extruders are higher mixing capabilities, better control of process parameters, high speed of processing and better processing of much harder materials like PVC.

What is the difference between single screw and twin-screw extruder?

In a twin-screw extruder, the material transfer takes place by forward displacement with the degree of advancement depending on the proximity of one screw to the other, whereas in a single-screw extruder the material is usually dragged along the process line. Apart from the number of screws, the difference is that Twin-screw extruders have a wide range of operational capabilities in terms of the range of raw materials they can handle and the operating conditions. Also, Twin screw extruders have a better mixing capability that helps working with more difficult materials.

Innovation, step by step


Multidrive System

A revolutionary solution, which offers better performance, reduces the risk of failure due to excessive stress on the mechanical parts and guarantees greater durability than traditional single-motor systems. Bausano twin-screw extruders are equipped with the innovative patented MULTIDRIVE 4x2 drive system, designed and produced to eliminate torsional stress on the control shafts and split stress and transmitted torque.

Smart Energy System

The barrel is heated without contact by means of an alternating electromagnetic field: a faster and more efficient method, which guarantees top performance, reducing component wear and energy consumption up to 35%. Bausano Smart Energy System is designed for the optimisation of production processes with a view to sustainable development, respecting people and the environment.

Digital Extruder Control 4.0

Designed to monitoring of the entire system, this control system measures all energy flows, allowing you to verify consumption with absolute precision, at any time of the production cycle. Simple, safe and precise monitoring thanks to the new and powerful PLC with 15 or 21 inch capacitive multitouch panoramic screen.