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Bausano Dosing System

Bausano’s Doser, or Feeder is designed to introduce ingredients at the throat of a processing machine. Exact dosing is very important during plastic extrusion. Parts that are manufactured using the extruder must meet the highest quality requirements.

So, Bausano Plastic Extruders consider also the quality of the feeding system when designing an extrusion line. Dosing systems allocate predefined amounts of material in a definite time in a specified quantity. Dosing can be influenced by the type and proprieties of the input material, environmental conditions (temperature, humidity ecc) and the type of dosing device.

Thanks to the versatility of Bausano extruders, it is possible to equip each machine with project customized feeding systems. This ensures adjusting the layout of the line and its technical characteristics to the material to be processed and to any specific production requirement.

dosing system

Gravimetric Feeding System

The Bausano gravimetric feeder, also known as a loss-in-weight feeder, is a self-calibrating dosing system that measures based on weight in speed. The basis of the gravimetric system is a load cell that measures the weight of the material. Weight is calculated using loss-in-weight technology, which measures the reduced weight while dosing.

Gravimetric feeders are used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical or plastics industries.

In the self-calibrating gravimetric feeder system, the stepper motor automatically modifies its speed when a change is detected in the material flow. This means that mass is the only parameter considered. This eliminates the need for manual adjustment, which is required when using a volumetric feeder. Such a change in material flow can be the result of the addition of new material or fluctuations in the material density, among other factors. When dosing material to your extruder with a gravimetric feeder, you are in complete control of the output and quality of your end product.

A gravimetric feeder adds a weigh system and new control scheme to what would otherwise remain a standard volumetric feeder. This means measurement and management of discharge rate becomes possible. The special feature of this feeder is the continuous adjustment of the speed based on measurement of material weight; this helps in the control of discharge rate.

A further benefit is that you can say with certainty how much material has been used, this is very important if you need to document the process for quality management purposes.

Volumetric Feeding System

The Bausano volumetric system doses material according to the space it occupies i.e., its volume. Unlike gravimetric feeding, volumetric feeding does not determine mass using weight.
A Bausano Volumetric dosing system only measure the volume of the ingredients (in cubic centimeters or meters, for example). The dosing system does not weigh the components, it must be calibrated to guarantee that the correct mass is measured over a precise set period and dosed to the Bausano Extrusion line. This means it must be recalibrated every time a new material or batch is introduced. It is also important to ensure that the same amount of material is placed in all the “volumetric chambers” within the dosing device, be it a screw, disc or chamber.
A Bausano volumetric feeder does this based on volume in speed. Weight is calculated using loss-in-weight technology, which measures the reduced weight while dosing.
Bausano Volumetric feeders supply a certain volume of material per unit of time.

High-precision volumetric feeding requires a well-designed feeder with an optimised geometry of feeding screw. Its optimised geometry guarantees stable and reliable product flow - even for waste materials which are difficult to handle.

The Bausano feeders are configured with a slowly rotating vertical agitator to ensure the downward flow while simultaneously aiding the material sliding from the feeder’s integral supply hopper into the feeding barrel hole.


Forced Feeding System

The Bausano Forced Feeders are used for the reintroduction of a homogeneous mixture of material, in the Bausano single screw extruders or Twin screw extruders.

The Bausano forced feeder is a gear-type screw feeder used for force feeding. It can be used for all kinds of powder, granule, powder mixture, glass, and so on. It features good sealing performance and no powder leakage. The speed control system can adjust the amount of material quantity to replace manual feeding operation, avoiding uneven distribution of artificial feeding. The forced feeder ensures high accuracy and efficiency feeding.

Even in cases where the re-pelletized has a lower weight than the virgin resin, re-feeding and mixing are ensured by three factors:

  • Positioning of the feeder under the gravimetric hopper: the greater weight of the virgin pellet pushes even the lightest re-pelletized into the extruder, by simple gravity.
  • Continuous mixing of the pellets within the connector area to ensure homogeneity in the re-feeding.
  • Larger feed port size to avoid any blocking or bridging

The right feeder system has to be chosen due to the material and production rate desirable. Bausano can help you to customize your extrusion line and choose the best dosing system.

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