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Pelletizing Extrusion Lines 

Pelletizing Extrusion Lines 

Extrusion lines for production of plastic pellets

Bausano builds extrusion lines suitable for production of plastic pellets for subsequent moulding, extrusion or calendering, starting from virgin or recycled material. These Extrusion lines are fully customisable and highly efficient at any production output, thanks to the innovative extruders of the MD Plus line and the wide range of Bausano modular accessories for every kind of application.
Ease of use and time saving for maintenance and cleaning are always our goals in the study and design of our granulation lines.
Bausano developed also extruders for pellets for recycling purposes and recover of scrap materials, namely the E-GO R single screw extruders for Polyolefin recycling and the Twin Screw MD series for PVC regranulation.

Compounding & Pelletizing Extrusion

Compounding and pelletizing are the best method for changing the characteristic of engineered thermoplastics.
Plastic Compounding  is defined as the process of incorporating additives, modifiers into any plastic materials for achieving uniformity on a scale appropriate to the quality of extruded final granules and pellets.
Bausano Twin screw extruders are specially designed, from the screw configuration to the kneading elements, for extruding high quality granules (pellets) from a wide range of plastic materials like PVC pellets, ABS pellets or WPC Pellets.


  • Coloured and transparent

    Coloured and transparent

  • Granules for rigid and flexible profiles

    Granules and Pellets  for rigid and flexible profiles

  • Granules for the medical field

    Granules and Pellets  for the medical field

  • Granules from recovery of recycled material

    Granules and Pellets  from recovery of recycled material

  • Granules for industrial products

    Granules and Pellets  for industrial products

  • Granules for wpc

    Granules and Pellets  for wpc


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