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Test & Analysis
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Extrusion Line Design

The process of buying, designing and producing Extrusion lines relies on gathering data and information of every aspect of the production process, from material characteristics to the desired end product performances. In both pre-sales and after-sales phases with Bausano, testing and analysis are crucial aspects of ensuring the efficiency, quality, and reliability of extrusion equipment.

Analyzing the
feasibility of the project

Understanding customer requirements, assessing feasibility, crafting competitive economic proposals, and scrutinizing production costs form the foundation of every project.

The examination of feasibility is a noteworthy pre-sale service. Our dedicated testing laboratory conducts thorough analyses of extruded materials, enabling the design of customized plants tailored to specific applications and formulations. This ensures precise alignment with the customer's needs.


Bausano’s Laboratory is equipped to analyze every step of the production process from the reological analysis with our capillary rheometer and plastographer to the Laboratory tests on our Laboratory Twin Screw extruder up to Industrial Tests with Single and Twin-Screw extruder simulating the entire production process. This simulation of the entire production process capacity allows us to meticulously assess the feasibility of customers' desired productivity and the quality of the product. 

Find out more below what we can offer for a complete analysis of your projet and needs.

Find out more below what we can offer for 
a complete analysis of your project and needs

Test & Analysis Machine

Rheological Analysis

Rheology, the science delving into the flow and deformation characteristics of materials, proves intricate when applied to pure or additive polymers. The complexity arises as reological properties significantly deviate from ideal behavior, being influenced by a myriad of variables such as

  • Shear Rate
  • Molecular Wight
  • Molecular chain structure
  • Type and concentration of additives
  • Temperature
  • Pression
  • Viscosity

The study of reology is of fundamental importance for macromolecular-base material for two reasons:

During the production of plastic material, the reology of the melt and of dust dertermines the stresses in all the operations of transformation (extrusion process).

Reological properties influence the mechanical behaviour of products, affecting the residual stress content in materials, on the orientation of molecules, free volumes (e.g., for expanded materials), etc.

Two are the main analysis that we can carry out with our instruments. The first one is a capillary reometer analysis that allows us to:

  • Define the type of material that can be extruded on an existing extruder
  • Optimize the die-heads design using also a material flow simulation software
  • Optimize screws design.

The second instrument and analysis we can do is the Plastograph that help us identify processing times, temperatures, and torques that can be withstood by the material before reaching material degradation.

MD30 Plus

Laboratory tests

Our facility alows us to study, design and realize the best solution the customer’s needs. That’s why, before the realization of large-scale facilities, we give the client the possibility to test our technologies with our laboratory plant. With Our MD30 Twin Screw Extruder we can process materials and define the right production parameters before the scale-up of the machinery at the industrial level.

These practical approach with field tests allows us to detect:

  • The best process to apply based on the type of product
  • The size of the machine to be installed
  • Evaluation of possible mechanical and process optimizations

These testing methods allows Bausano to create tailor made solutions but also it gives the customer the opportunity to see first results of his future project.


Industrial and Pilot plant testing

Laboratory tests often provide valuable insights, but tests conducted on medium-sized plants make it possible to guarantee the required productivity targets and provide a sample of extruded material to the customer, who will subject it to subsequent internal quality controls in order to choose whether to proceed with the purchase. 

Customers can choose their partecipation level to testing. They can decide to physically attend, where they can collaborate with our technicians and expert engeneers to proceed with testing and optimize the production processes. Alternatively, they can virtually attend. In this case, our experts perform the tests themselves, later sending the samples and data to customers. 

Our Tests are carried out on our Twin Screw extruders and Single Screw extruders with our new pilot plant. Concretely, the pilot plant, on one hand, allows the customer to learn about the performance of these types of lines and their applications, with the possibility of conducting tests with real products before purchasing and installing them on their own production line. On the other hand, it adapts to the need of the internal research, development and contributes to the development of innovative solutions, suitable to the concrete needs of a constantly changing market.

Bausano Machine

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