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Automotive extrusion lines
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Extrusion lines for the Automotive Industry

Respect to the past the automotive industry utilizes a lot more plastics part in cars. Metal parts are replaced with plastic parts for example technical profiles for car doors. Bausano is an experienced extrusion line manufacturer for the automotive industry with top notch technology for large-scale production.

We have an in-house design department that plays a key role in every automotive project for designing the right extruder for vehicle interiors and car body.

Extrusion for Automotive Industry offers numerous advantages, including the possibility of producing customised and tailor-made components, reduced production costs and efficiency in the production of complex components. Design complexity, efficiency and reduce of waste can be achieved thanks to a costant process innovation of our design department as well our in-house production.

Applications of Extrusion Lines for Plastic Parts in Automotive Industry

Technical profiles, crafted through precision extrusion, contribute to various applications within vehicles. These profiles serve as essential components in window and door seals, weather stripping, and decorative trims, offering durability, customization, and enhanced design possibilities. Cable ducts, another crucial application, are efficiently produced using Bausano extrusion lines to organize and protect electrical wiring within automotive systems. Bausano's advanced extrusion technology ensures the creation of high-quality technical profiles and cable ducts, meeting the stringent standards of the automotive sector and contributing to the efficiency and safety of vehicles.

Bausano Extrusion Lines and Innovation in the Automotive Industry

Bausano stands as a leader in providing extrusion lines custom - tailored for the automotive industry, offering a wide range of solutions for manufacturing plastic parts. The company's extruders, including the E-GO single Screw extruders and MD Nextmover Twin Screw Extruders, are designed to meet the specific requirements of automotive applications. These extrusion lines excel in precision, allowing for the production of technical profiles and cable ducts with consistent dimensions and structural integrity.
Bausano's commitment to innovation extends to the integration of advanced materials, enhancing the performance of plastic products in vehicles.

Technical Profiles

Technical Profiles

Extrusion can be used to produce plastic profiles used for interior and exterior vehicle application.  These profiles can be used for windows, windshields, doors, bumpers and other vehicle parts, providing protection, aesthetics and functionality.

Cable ducts

Cable ducts

Extrusion Lines can be used to produce cable ducts used in vehicle electrical and electronic systems. These coatings must provide insulation and protection against mechanical damage and moisture. Thanks to customized extrusion cable ducts are flexible in design so that it can be used in dfferent wiring configurations.