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plastic recycling extruders

Plastic recycling extruders

Plastic recycling extruders

Bausano manufactures a range of Plastic Recycling Extruders suitable for many applications, from construction items to medical devices.

Plastics represent one of the main components of solid waste in the world. Through an Extrusion line, starting from a waste/scraps it is possible to produce a new recycled raw material with high technical properties, or also a similar quality product. In the plastic recycling industry, the use of twin screw extruders is becoming increasingly important, but as well single-screw extruders can be the right choice. The choice depends on the material to be recycled and its nature.

To address the challenges that plastic processors have to deal with, Bausano specialized in the extrusion of recycled plastics, precisely Polyolefins (HDPE, LDPE, PP) and PVC.


Recycling Extruders range

polyolefin recycling extruders

E-GO R for Recycling

The power and elegance of our single screw extruder applied to the recovery of scrap materials for recycling purpose. 

twin screw extruders for PVC regranulation

MD Twin Screw Extruder for Regranulation

The quality of our MD Twin screw extruder series applied to the regranulation of PVC. Tradition and innovation united for the recovery of production and post-consumer waste

Bausano Custom Recycling and Pelletizing Systems

The MD Twin Screw Extruder Series and the E-GO R Single Screw Extruder Series are the entirely new recycling and pelletizing system with optimized L/D ratio, filtering ahead of vacuum degassing, specially suit to the waste plastics such as high contaminated and heavily printed recycling and pelletizing.

Frequently asked questions about Plastic Recycling Extruders

How do you extrude recycled plastic?

Post-consumer and post industrial plastics are collected, sorted, than washed and grinded/crushed to have little pieces of recovered plastics, they can be feed through the hopper in the form of crushed material that will be processed with a single or twin screw, than there will be a screen changer to eliminate impurities in the material.

How do plastic extruders work?

The materials undergoes melting, processing and re-melting. The heated and processed material is pushed through a die that gives the material the desired form for example pipes or profiles. The material is heated in the barrel where the screw is.

How much does a plastic extruder cost?

The cost of a plastic extruder depends on many factors, there isn’t a standard cost. It depends on the material to be processed, on the quality of the parts of the extruders, like the screw or barrel. It can also influence the price the length of the screw, the downstream equipment or special accessories for special raw materials.

What plastic products are made by extrusion?

Through plastics extrusion is possible to produce pipes, window & door profiles, technical profiles, pellets or medical devices like medical tube.