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Downstream for PROFILE line

Profile downstream
All the accessories to complete the extrusion line

Single or Double output extrusion and co-Extrusion Head

Single or Double exit Die Head

Rigid or flexible profiles, like gasket, can be obtained thanks to the extrusion line for profiles process performed by means of extrusion heads.
Bausano supply complete solutions for the production of rigid and foam PVC technical profiles, including co-extrusion options (ex. PMMA), with various optical effects. Additional features are direct and post co-extrusion of soft PVC elements like gaskets, lips and other components.

Calibration and Cooling bench

Calibration of the cross-section of a profile before intensive cooling of the material is an important step of the extrusion. The viscoelastic behaviour of the melt upstream makes very difficult to produce the required cross-section.
Bausano calibration bench is designed for extruding wide range of profiles in an easy and efficient way ensuring precise calibration and fast cooling of the profiles.

Calibration and cooling bench
Take off unit

Take Off Unit

We manufacture duty and precise speed controlled Haul-Off machines. The Busano take off units that complete the profile extrusion lines are sturdy and very reliable. Provided with track closure system with pneumatic adjustment, they are available with special shape pads and tracks, according to the type of extruded profile.

Vertical and Horizontal Cutter

Complete the extrusion line for profiles high-speed vertical cutters for small- and medium-sized profiles or longitudinal transfer horizontal cutters for profiles greater than 300 mm. Provided with automatic pneumatic movement they don't require manual operator interventions. The different possible pad dimensions guarantee a gentle removal of the profiles without influencing the profile surfaces .

Vertical and Horizontal cutter

Profiles Line

Extrusion Lines are used to produce high quality profiles

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